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Free Resources

RedeFit has created a library of free video tutorials to help you on your fitness journey.


Find a Coach

Get paired with a coach that can create a fitness plan specifically tailored to you and your goals. Find a coach to support you on your journey!


Get RedeFit Certified

Want to take your training to the next level? Our comprehensive training program will enhance your training knowledge to realize better results for your clients and help you stand out as one of the best.


Fitness Redefined

“Fitness” is a word both universally esteemed and universally misunderstood. We all want it; we rarely take the time to define it. American culture equates fitness with physical appeal and ability. And, sure, physical progress is a worthy goal. But it’s important to understand the most effective definition of “fitness” is a holistic one. Fitness can be defined by more than just a gym visit — fitness can be social, enjoyable, and personal.


The Full Equation

Fitness can often be seen as very one-dimensional and solely physical. That’s the problem Redefit seeks to solve. Created by two fitness trainers and a behaviorist, Redefit is a training program that attacks fitness from ten critical angles: strength, endurance, flexibility, nutrition, health, mindset, happiness, relationships, stress management and “giving fit back.” If you noticed that half of those areas have little to do with physical prowess, you’re starting to catch on. Your strength and conditioning, your flexibility and dieting — they’re all powerful tools, but they're only part of the equation. Your mindset and mental wellness are equally as important. Redefit seeks to give you the full equation to ensure your success.


Meet Your Goals

The best coaches are the ones who encourage their players on and off the field. To be a dynamic athlete — and to truly meet your fitness goals — you must treat yourself the same way. Soon you’ll not only reap the benefits in your own life; your circle of influence will notice the difference, too. This is what “giving fit back” is all about. Your progress inspires those around you, which in turn inspires you. Redefit is a cycle, changing what it means to “be fit,” starting from the inside out.